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Published: 22nd February 2011
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Non woven bags China are one of the countries that supply these bags. Several of the Asian countries produce the non woven bags because their manufacturing process is fast, cheap and quickly shipped. Non woven bags China produces them by the hundreds of thousands. When non woven bags China ships the finished product it will most likely be shipped from a seaport in China to any number of major shipping seaports in the countries that have ordered and use the non woven bag.

These non woven bags are made form a polyethylene, a polypropylene, recycled plastic bottles or other recycled materials. When you see the material talked about you will generally see the first letters used such as PP, or PE or OPP film laminate. You may also see PET/rPET which is either polyethylene terephthalate or r for recycled PET. When the bag is made from PE it is a co-poly merged with ethylene. In reality PE is not biodegradable because it will not disintegrate in landfills for years. But the material is a very sturdy fabric that can be re-used multiple times over many years. Also the PE is often recycled and reused again to make more material. So in this sense it is eco friendly.

When a retailer or supplier orders these bags they can get them in many different forms such as beverage cooler bags or even made into aprons. The bags can have a zipper closure or a fold over flap with a snap. They can be open with a slit cut out for a handle. Since they are not a woven material it will not ravel. Often they are ordered with a webbing handle so it can be carried. Sometimes the handles are longer so it can be carried from the shoulder. The buyer can chose many designs for these bags when they order them. The bags can be ordered as high volume orders or even a low volume order. The bags can come with an optional binding material which makes them look more expensive. If they have the OPP film laminate they may have brilliant and colorful pictures or advertising on them. This is due to the fact that the material takes color very easily.

There are other forms that these non woven bags come in such as a higher and classier looking bag that has a metallic laminate over the material. This bright shiny metallic laminate gives the bags a wonderful shine and makes them look quite expensive. The metallic laminate coats the non woven material and then they can be printed on also.

Medical companies use this type of non woven bag made with a liner that when filled with a frozen ice pack can keep diabetic or other medicines cool on the patientís way home. They are used for advertising that particular brand of medicine and often have an advertisement laminated under clear plastic so the medicine can be re-ordered easily. These bags are used for promotions, as gift bags, for shopping and for advertising also.

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